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What are Provincial Nominee Programs?

Provincial Nominee Programs are the initiative of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). These programs are introduced with the purpose of selecting immigrants for the provinces and territories of Canada. However the immigrants must be willing to settle in any province or territory and should be capable to contribute to its economy.

Is Quebec a part of Provincial Nominee Program?

Quebec has its own guidelines and criteria for selection of immigrants. There is a separate agreement between Quebec and the Canadian Government. So Quebec is free to select those individuals who are willing to settle in the province. Quebec has the power to decide on immigrants outside Provincial Nominee Program.

Is Provincial Nomination a must for Canadian Immigration?

No. You can obtain immigration visa for Canada without Provincial Nomination. But it is a lengthy process and getting permanent residence is a rare possibility.

What are the benefits of receiving a Provincial Nomination?

Opt for Provincial Nomination Programs if you want to process your application quickly to migrate to Canada. The waiting time is minimal and you could get permanent resident status faster than anticipated. These programs also have relaxed eligibility criteria. This also gives a chance to those applicants who were not able to qualify under the federal program.

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