Immigration to Canada is no longer a difficult feat as there are unique immigration programs facilitated by individual provinces in Canada. Provincial Nominee Programs or the (PNPs) is one of the most renowned immigration programs in Canada. However, these programs are quite distinctive and different. It is designed in an exceptional manner so that it caters to the requirements of the labor force of individual provinces in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Programs are gaining immense popularity due to its outstanding features. A person who obtains a nomination, with a federal level approval, from a province is guaranteed to become a permanent resident of Canada.

There are many provinces in Canada which seek immigrants with substantial work experience. Let us discuss some of the occupations that provide permanent residency in the province.

SINP Programs

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program or the SINP is designed to provide permanent residency to skilled and experienced immigrants who can work and live in Saskatchewan. There are certain criteria that have to be met by the prospective candidates applying for immigration. Immigrants can successfully settle in Saskatchewan if they have proficiency in English and French language, work experience pertaining to specific skills and educational qualification.

Eligibility Criteria

Entry system

To live and work permanently in Saskatchewan, the person must be a skilled worker for eligibility. Since the express entry is aligned with the Federal Express Entry System, the immigrant should be a worker in the express entry pool. This is the first criteria of eligibility in the SINP.

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