According to the 2019 express entry report, ITA has issued more than 20,000 invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence.2019 has recorded a total of 21,200 invitations which is an increase of 3700 from 17,500 in 2018.

The year 2018 had set a record of 89,800 invitations to apply (ITAs) which indicated the highest number of invitations for any given year since initiation of Express entry system in 2015. However, this number is expected to exceed this year based on the Canadian three years of immigration level plan. The plan gives a general description of the rising annual admission targets for the years ahead which predicts a total of 350,000 invitations in 2021.

The increased target invitations for 2019 and 2020 means the number of summons issued may exceed the ITA records set in 2018.

For the selection of eligible permanent immigration candidates, the Canadian government utilizes express entry system to choose qualified candidates from a pool under the federal high skilled economic immigration program. The system assesses Express entry profiles on core human capital, skills transferability and other fundamental factors then assigns a comprehensive ranking system(CRS) score to the profile. This score determines the candidate’s ranking in the express ranking pool out of 1200 points.

Regularly, the government conducts draws from the pool of eligible students and this year has had the most significant draw ever since the inception of the Express entry in 2015. In 2017, the government issued most ITAs for the first quarter of the year with a total of 86,023 invitations.2018 surpassed 2017 with a total invitation of 89,800, and the number is expected to be outperformed again this year.

This year the express entry draws were set at 3350 ITAs for four out of six entries except for the first two draws when Invitation to apply are 3900 on both occasions.

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