Lowest all-program CRS cut-off since 2017

Since the first quarter of 2017 CRS score requirement dropped up to 438 which was the lowest cut off since the last quarter of 2017 when the CRS fell to 436. The first quarter ended with a minimum requirement CRS score dropping to 452. Analysis of various draws shows clear evidence that time between them can influence the minimum CRS requirement since the little the time, the lesser profiles submitted to the Express entry system and less high-scoring candidates get a chance to enter the draw.

Express entry and Canada provincial Nominee program (PNP)

Most provinces in Canada have been extremely busy in the first quarter of the year due to the use of the Provincial nominee program (PNP) to select eligible students. Any candidate selected through this program, they are awarded 600 CRS points that give them high chances of getting an invitation to apply.

This year the PNP will account for 71,300 admissions with the primary aim of improving annually in the three-year immigration plan of Canada. Candidates in the express entry pool can access the system’s page and learn more on how to improve their ranking and scores in the entry pool.

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