Canada is welcoming qualified individuals to apply for jobs under the Express Entry Immigration. The country has experienced some labour shortages in the recent past, and wishes to address this problem.

As of April 11, 2019, there was a number of top jobs vacancies that called for qualified candidates to join through the aforementioned program.

According to the information released by the government, the field of engineering and technology are in dire need of qualified professionals. In fact, the two fields are topping the list with the most in-demand positions in the country.

They are categorized under the NOC 21, which entails professional occupation in applied and natural sciences. Both categories summed to a staggering 14,320 immigrants who were admitted under the Express Entry Immigration program back in 2018.

In the same year, statistics show that 16 per cent of the total Express Entry admissions, filled vacancies in computer engineering, computer programming, web designing, and chemical engineering.

This number under the NOC 21 tripled the second-placed category under the NOC 11. In fact, the professional accepted under finance and business made up to 5, 640—this was NOC 11 category.


Some other professionals required in the NOC 11 this year include auditors, accountants, business management consultants, and human resources personnel.

When we compare the year 2017 and 2018 in terms of Express Entry admissions, the latter year recorded a total of 92, 235 entries while the former had 65, 415 admissions in all categories. From the data, it is clear that 2018 had an increase of 41 per cent. Importantly, this is an indication that theirs an increase in migration to Canada of high-skilled workers and Express Entry Immigration is making the process even easier.

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