The most recent updates about Canada’s Express Entry draw was another good news for candidates who wish to migrate and live in Canada. An Invitation To Apply (ITA) was issued to candidates in the Canadian Express Class (CEC). Only a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 440 was set as the threshold for the new 3,515 candidates.

The May 28th Express Entry draw is a continuation of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC’s) trend of issuing invitations only to PNP and CEC candidates. This draw was limited to the PNP and CEC candidates as a special precaution from the current global coronavirus pandemic—though it’s unclear when these restrictions will be lifted. The government of Canada is trying to fill the gap for jobs while still observing precautionary measures against Covid-19. Having said that, the last CEC-specific Express Entry draw had the largest invitees since May 1st and was the second largest pre-corona draw since mid-march.

The May 28th Canada’s Express Entry draw is a projection of the downward trajectory in score requirements that the last six Canadian Experience Class (CEC) specific draws have seen. The May score was 452, which dropped to 447 on May 15th draw, and we are now witnessing another drop of seven points to 440.

The trend in decline in the CRS score threshold since the last all-program draw on March 4th this year might have a close relationship with the regular intervals and frequencies between draws that the IRCC is working extra hard to maintain during this global pandemic.

The frequency and time between two subsequent draws are an essential factor with a huge impact on the CRS threshold scores. Higher frequencies (shorter intervals) between draws will not give more candidates enough time to create profiles in the Express Entry Pool, which means fewer candidates will be invited during each draw.

A day before the government issued the invitation of 3,515 candidates, another draw of 385 Express Entry candidates had been held. These candidates were nominated through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) with a CRS cut-off score of 757. On top of the human capital score, a PNP candidate in the Express Entry system is awarded an additional 600 points, which explains the high CRS score threshold for the 385 candidates.

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