1. LMIA Based Work Permits

This permit is to be acquired by the employer. The application for the Labor Market Impact Assessment is mandatory for any employer to hire employees.

  1. LMIA Exemptions

Some people can get employed in Canada without acquiring an LMIA permit, like when the employment falls under international trade agreements.

  1. NAFTA Work Permits

The North American Free Trade Agreement is one such situation, wherein the trade falls under international agreements and the employment can take place without an LMIA permit.

  1. Intra Company Transfers

This clause allows company to bring in their employees working at other offices internationally to Canada without an LMIA.

  1. Business Visitors

As long as business men do not enter the Canadian Labor Market, they are allowed to work in Canada without a permit.

  1. Post-Graduation Work Permits

Foreign student post graduates from a recognized and legally admissible Canadian educational institution are allowed to work in Canada for a period of three years without applying for a traditional work permit.

Applying for a work permit can be just as confusing for an employer as it is for the employee. These are some of the common work permits available in Canada. They differ not only according to the employment situation, but also in terms of their application processes, some of which may take up to a few weeks. To speed things up, one can always consult an immigration lawyer for the nooks of the application procedure.



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