The sting of isolation is a familiar feeling to the lone worker who toils away incessantly, far, far away from his loved ones. However, now employment in Canada comes with the auxiliary perk of permanent residency for close relatives.

Through the Canadian Family Sponsorship program, it is now possible for the parents and grandparents of a Canadian employed individual to immigrate into Canada, and obtain Permanent Residency.

The Parent and Grandparent SuperVisa

The SuperVisa allows the parents and the grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents to reside in Canada for as long as two years now, without repeatedly renewing it; a collective sigh of relief for a number of workers here.

The SuperVisa is a savior of sorts, as this visa remains legitimate for up to ten years, with periodical immigration and emigration having become a possibility, therefore catering to the requirements of the whimsical old parents and even the older generation of grandparents.


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