People come to the US looking for job opportunities and a high standard of living. On an average, 1,032,400 people immigrate to the US every year. There are no major changes in the US immigration policy for newcomers right now except for the ban imposed on certain countries because of the terrorist activities prevalent there. However, the RAISE Act Bill, which the Trump administration has introduced just recently, can bring about major changes in the immigration policy if passed by the Senate.

Steps for entering the Unites States

  • Visa Application- The immigration visa is available for family members of the US citizen, workers and businessmen. There are separate visas for each of the categories and specific documents need to be submitted along with the application.
  • Entering the US- Once you are given the visa, you need to prepare all the documents, specially your passport, to get entry into the United States. The documents vary on the basis of the country you are coming from and your citizenship status.


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