Express entry candidates have received invitation from the Ontario Immigration to apply for a provincial nomination through two streams mainly- the French speaking skilled workers and the Skilled Trades stream. The OINP or the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has selected a number of skilled trade candidates who had submitted their express entry profiles earlier this year between January and April 2018.

There are 545 candidates who have been issued the Notification of Interest by Ontario Immigration through the Skilled Trades stream since the advent of 2018. Around 384 candidates have been issued NOI through French speaking Skilled Worker stream.

Qualifications Required For Express Entry Candidates in Skilled Trades Stream

The Skilled Trade stream includes workers in the agricultural and construction sectors. However, there are prospects of expansion in the near future. The applicants must possess certain qualifications to apply in the entry system.

–  Candidates who have the intention to live in Ontario

–  Candidate with a minimum work experience of one year in Ontario

–  Candidate must possess a valid work permit and must currently reside in Ontario.

–  Candidate must also have a minimum level of savings and income for support.

–  Candidate must also have a certification or trade license from the Ontario College of Trades.

All relevant information pertaining to express entry draws was published in the advent of the year by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). The draws that are usually published after an agreement, is signed by the province and the Federal government of Canada.

Ontario has issued several invitations to candidates to apply through the Express Entry system through both streams that include the Skilled Workers who speak French and Skilled Trades. Ontario issues 57 Notification of Interest on April 25th2018 to those candidates who had submitted their express entry profiles between January and April 2018.

One of the most important aspects of these nominations is that there is no score requirement on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System for either of these two streams.

The province has conducted several draws on the basis of French speaking skilled workers and human capital in the year 2018.

Other Open Streams for Ontario Immigration

Ontario is currently inviting applications from immigrants of different streams. Apart from the Skilled Trade Stream, candidates can apply through the Express Entry System for various other streams which include the following

–  International students and in-demand skills

–  French speaking skilled workers

–  Employer job offer

–  Entrepreneur and corporate business stream

–  Human capital priority.

The province has also opened the Masters Graduate Stream twice in the year 2018 but it is closed currently. Another stream that Ontario has opened for students is the International Student PhD Graduate stream. The Federal government has increased the nominations of immigrants to 6600 in the year 2018 for Ontario. Candidates can submit their profile to the express entry pool to get a nomination through the streams that are linked to the Ontario Express Entry system.