Since years, Quebec had the highest unemployment rate in Canada. But now the unemployment rate has decreased and it is among the lowest in Canada. Based on the reports of Statistics Canada, Quebec has an unemployment rate of 5.6 %. The unemployment rate is even lesser in some parts of the province.

Now Quebec stands second to British Columbia as the province with the lowest unemployment rate. All throughout Canada, the unemployment rate remained stable till the end of April at around 5.8 %. Now the figures have changed according to the Statistics of Canada’s Labor Force Survey.

What the Surveys Reveal

The annual surveys reveal the true picture of Quebec’s employment status. Job opportunities in the province have grown to 1.5% or by 278,000 over the last year. Most of these jobs are full time opportunities.

In the month of April, employment rose to 29,000 among a population of age 25-54. A large percentage of the population is actively searching for job opportunities or working. An interesting fact is that more than 20,000 full time jobs were headed by women this year. 70,000 jobs have been included by men according to the recent statistics.

However, there was a decline in the part time employment of approximately 23,000 among an age group of 15-24 in the month of April. There was a slight shift in the unemployment rate.

Employment Scenario of Provincial Canada

The unemployment rate of Quebec has witnessed a drastic fall to 5.4 % in the past year. Today there are 73,000 additional people who are employed in the province. Although British Columbia witnessed a small increase in the unemployment rate of 0.3 %, it is still the province with the lowest unemployment rate of 5.0 %.

Manitoba has an unemployment rate of 6.1% but a steady employment growth. More than 4,100 additional people found jobs in the month of April.

Montreal is the winning city in Quebec as it has witnessed the largest number of people working than in the entire province. After the creation of more than 165,000 jobs in Canada since May 2014, the economy is heading towards the right direction. It is the immigration policy of the Canadian economy that has led to the economic success of the province.

Employment Scenario of Canada Based on Industries

There has been negligible change in the private and public sector over a period of an entire month. However, both the private and public sectors have witnessed increases in employment opportunities. There was an increase of 75,000 jobs in public sector and 146,000 jobs in the private sector. There has also been an increase of 2.1 % of self-employment opportunities in the province last year. Food and accommodation sector also witnessed an increase in job opportunities with an addition of 17,000 jobs.

Several sectors have benefited from the increase in employment such as healthcare, transport and warehouse sector, scientific and technical sector and so forth.