Fees and online immigration programs are part of the changes for Alberta-bound immigrants.

The online Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) begins in October except for the Self-Employed Farmer Stream. If you are an Alberta Entry program candidate, you will need authorization from AINP to access the online portal.

In a recent media release, AINP said that the portal was created to ease the immigration application process. If you are a candidate applying for any of Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Programs, you will get some data entry tips and a list of documents tailored for you. Once you start the application process, you do not have to complete it immediately. The portal allows you to save the information you have entered and return later to continue. So, what happens if you make an application but do not meet the eligibility criteria?. Thanks to the smart system, you will not waste your time and money applying for a program you do not qualify for. The system assesses you and bars you from continuing if you do not meet the basic requirements.

Below Are The Other Changes That AINP Implemented

Portal Fees

A non-refundable processing fee of $500 is charged on all submitted applications. This fee is mandatory, whether you get a provincial nomination or not. Alberta Opportunity stream or Alberta Express Entry Stream candidates who submitted their applications by mail on the 1st of October or before are, however, exempted from this pay. All Self-Employed Farmer Stream applicants who made their application after the 1st of October will be required to submit their fee.

Post-Decision Services New Fees

According to the AINP, you will have to send an email for any post-decision service.

Alberta requires you to pay post-decision services fees such as request reconsideration fee, extensions for nominations fee, and a fee for support letters for nominee requests. Government requests for assistance sent at the beginning of October or after the 1st of October require a service fee of $100.

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