Support letters will no longer need a nomination but must come from the PNP recipient. There is no fee charged for provincial nominees who have written requests from Citizenship Canada, Immigration, and Refugee.

Fees are meant to cover the cost of processing requests, and it is mandatory regardless of the candidate’s eligibility for a nominations extension or support letter. Refunds are made to only issued requests for reconsideration in case of a reversal of the original rejection. Fees for any other service are non-refundable.

Applications Update Via Email

Updates on applications will by email, even though applications by candidates must be by mail.

Below are the details that candidates will have to send to the AINP via email

  • Updates or corrections on documents or information submitted for application;
  • An update of the employment status, immigration status, family composition, or contact information; use of third party representative updates; or withdrawal of the application.

Measures On Coronavirus

Alberta has adjusted its temporary coronavirus measures:

  • AINP will no longer accept incomplete applications.
  • All incomplete online applications mailed on the 1st of October or later will be rejected.
  • Candidates and nominees who lost their jobs after AINP applications will have to wait for approximately six months regardless of the application date to find another job that meets AINP criteria.
  • AINP will notify you of an application that is on hold

According to AINP, the new portal is meant to straighten up the application process by reducing red tape. The portal can only be accessed by the applicant. If you want to share the application with your family of representatives, you will have to give them a printed copy of the preview.

You are free to send your feedback about the application process. AINP is ready to make necessary adjustments if only to make things better for everyone.

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