The most recent Quebec draw is the biggest this year. The exercise has overseen the invitations of 354 immigration candidates to apply for permanent residence on September 24. However, only candidates who had expressed their desire for permanent migration through the Arrima portal received an invitation letter. This portal handles all applications from Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker program, then submits them to MIFI. The ministry of Immigration Francization and integration (MIFI) successfully invited three categories of candidates.

For the first batch of qualified applicants, a valid employment offer was enough to guarantee an invite. The second group encompasses people living in Quebec as diplomats. Additionally, it favored people working as consular offices or United Nations representatives or representatives of any other intergovernmental organization operating in Quebec. Staff members of these official occupations could have been included in this recent draw. This is because they are also under section 23 of the Quebec Immigration Regulation. The third group involved applicants who did not meet the invitation criteria. However, MIFI saw their potential to contribute to Quebec’s prosperity, which led to their invitation. MIFI has never considered this category until most recently. There were no reports from the province on how many people in each category were invited.

Quebec’s Immigration Programs

Quebec is reputable for being in control of its immigration processes and programs. The government selects economic-class immigrants, including skilled workers and entrepreneurs, while MIFI manages the immigration program. MIFI then issues the Quebec selection certificate, or ‘certificat’ de selection Du Quebec’ (CSQ) confirming an applicant’s immigration to Quebec. After receiving the CSQ, immigration candidates can then apply for permanent resident status with the Quebec federal government. However, CSQ is only available for immigration candidates applying through the following programs;

  • Regular Skilled Worker Program
  • Quebec Experience Program
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program
  • Quebec Self Employed Person Program

While applicants can also use the Quebec Investor Program, it is currently unavailable until April 21, 2021.

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