Canada is one of the best countries for immigrants. Immigration has an important role to play in the country’s prosperity. According to Canada’s most recent census, immigration is the driving force for meeting the labor and demographic market needs of the country. Canada’s population is aging. It, therefore, depends on its immigration system to fuel economic growth.

In 2017, Canada recorded the highest median entry wage from immigrants since 1981. The entry wages of Canadian immigrants continues to increase over the years. Some of the most popular jobs for immigrants in Canada include; web designers and developers, project managers, registered nurses, accountants, and engineers. According to the Canadian Income Survey, the median wage of Canada’s population in 2017 was $36,100.

The immigrants admitted to Canada in 2016 reported a median entry wage of $25,900 in 2017. It is a clear indication that they have a significant contribution to Canada’s economy. Unfortunately, immigrants continue to earn less than the general population. However, it gradually increases as they continue to live in Canada. Salaries in Canada are mostly based on work experience.

In the past, immigrants earned a lot less than they have been earning in the recent past. Between 2007 and 2017, the median entry wage has increased from $20,400 to $25,900.

It is now easy for immigrants to get permanent residence. Since the 2007 admission year to the 2016 admission year, immigrant taxfilers a year after arrival who had some work experience increased by 166%. Immigrants without work increased by 2%. In short, the wages of immigrants increase with experience.

Even though having a job makes things easier, you don’t need one to immigrate to Canada. Canada’s Express Entry Immigration system is based on points. Having a job just means that you get more points.

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