The ORIP (Ontario regional Immigrant Nominee Pilot) is part of the entire Ontario Immigrant Nominee program designed to encourage skilled workers to relocate to smaller and rural communities in the province to fill the labour gaps. The pilot phase is expected to start in 2020.

Overview of the program

Essentially, the (OINP) Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is choreographed to allow international students, foreign workers and other professionals with the appropriate skills, education and experience to apply for nomination and permanent residency in the area.

The pilot program is expected to help fill the labour shortages as well as support economic growth by promoting the idea and enhancing integration in small and rural communities in Canada.

The Nitty-gritty of the pilot program

The pilot program will take two years and will start in early 2020. It will involve:

  • Around 150 nominations in the employer job offer section specifically designed of applicants destined for the pilot groups.
  • Outreach and marketing to increase awareness among employers in Ontario
  • Committed business support for investors.
  • Joining hands with stakeholders to take advantage of the entrepreneur stream for business succession.


That said, it is essential to note that the immigration pilot program will work with the current employer job offer section of the Ontario Immigrant Nomination Program. There aren’t other criteria for the pilot phase. This technically means that if you qualify for any of the program’s job offers, and you work for an employer located within the selected communities, you automatically qualify for the pilot program.

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