The more points you are awarded, the more likely you are to qualify for immigration. You also get points based on your education, age, and knowledge of French and English languages. 57% of immigrants are in the country based on the points-based system.

Canada is a great country for asylum seekers. It is a country of immigrants so you won’t be alone. About 22% of people who live and work in Canada were not born in the country. More than 22% of the population identifies as a minority. The country is diverse and multicultural. In Vancouver and Toronto, more than half of the population identifies as visible minorities. Toronto is said to be the most multicultural city in the world.

Asylum Seekers in Canada

The wage for asylum seekers increases with their stay in the country. An asylum claimant is anyone who seeks refugee protection in Canada. In most cases, they have trouble integrating economically because of the challenges they went through. However, most of them catch up in no time. 395 of asylum seekers are less than 25 years of age. They have lots of time to catch up.

There are many paths to obtaining permanent residency in Canada. Canada is very welcoming to immigrants especially those with skills. Some of your options include; extending your study permit, applying for permanent resident status, renewing a temporary resident visa, and immigrating to Canada. Immigrants and non-permanent residents in Canada continue to record higher entry wages. The numbers are expected to keep going up in the future.

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