Express Entry

Earlier this year, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada hosted several Express Entry draws that were intended towards those in either the Canadian Experience Class(CEC) or the Provincial Nominee Program(PNP). Most who have joined either of these are typically the most experience and are already fairly fluent in English and in French, so encouraging them does not appear to be any kind of a barrier. Membership in the CEC has a minimum requirement of one year of residency and a Canadian Language Benchmark of 5 or 7.


Since each province and territory is required to have their own PNPs, the Canadian government will find it a lot more convenient to assist individuals towards citizenship status. Meeting this goal is simpler for those already filling employment gaps due to their firsthand experience with Canadian culture and language.

Having programs of their own allows all local governments to create their own requirements and meet employment needs. Now companies are getting in on the Express Entry nominations by nominating a list of people in certain industries to apply for permanent residency. Those working in the technology field can now participate in the Tech Pilot draws, which help those in the industry achieve full citizenship status.

With Quebec, things are handled a bit differently. There are separate initiatives such as the Quebec Experience Program which help international students and temporary foreign workers. They also have the Regular Skilled Workers Program just for those who wish to live and work in Quebec. Candidates are issued a CSQ document as proof of their residency status.

New PR Pathways

The PR Pathways program has six streams total for each sector of the population who has applied for permanent residency. Each has its own quota, with healthcare workers expected to reach a total of 20,000 applicants. Those doing other essential work have a target goal of 30,000 while international graduates are expected to reach 40,000. Nonquota is set for French language speakers.

These six PR streams are projected to bring in roughly 90,000 new citizens, which can boost opportunity for all. Numbers such as these are opportunities for new ideas, and will make Canada rich in all aspects of life.

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