Additionally, you can obtain your permanent residency to enable you pursue numerous work opportunities in Canada. Moreover, IRCC will give you a pre-approval for your study permit in Canada after you pass the initial stage of eligibility criteria. The two-stage approval process is applicable if your program starts by the fall or earlier, and if you submit or have already submitted your application. For the first stage, you must file your letter of acceptance by the school and proof of funds. Additionally, you will also include your family ties to Canada and a certificate of acceptance in Quebec if the school is in Quebec.

You should also demonstrate being a bona fide student in that you will leave Canada after the expiration of your temporary permit, and you have not acquired a permanent residency. The second stage for pre-approval involves submitting your security clearance certificates, biometrics, and medical examinations report. After the return of international travel, you can travel to Canada and begin your studies. In my experience, you will pursue top-notch education that is relatively affordable compared to countries like the United States.

Furthermore, what’s not to like about study while still working through the Canadian DLI? More good news is that you can embark on your PGWP running up to 3 years. After that, you can apply for your permanent residency for your Canadian citizenship. As an international student, you can also use the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and even the Express entry to gain permanent residency. You can be part of the 60,000 previous international students who have helped build Canada by a contribution of $22 billion per year and the creation of 170,000 jobs. If you are looking forward to becoming an international student in Canada, you can be sure you will appreciate the process.

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