Although most people prefer buying Burgers, some prefer making it at home. What baffles me the most is why when someone else makes a burger over a hot grill, it tastes better than when you make it yourself. If you are the lazy type when it comes preparing burgers, then you could opt to pass by your favorite drive-thru and get a burger without breaking a sweat.

Canada, in particular, has plenty of options when it comes to burgers. Some of the joints are regional, with the rest being fast casual. Below are places you can easily buy fast-food burgers from for those in Canada.

5. McDonald’s

We all know that McDonald’s is known for its fries and chicken but not burgers. Therefore, being on the list is a disadvantage. If you expect to get a burger that is slathered in ketchup and onions, then you are in the wrong place. Apart from that, everything is rationed from their meat to burgers that are the size of a paper. No matter the size of burger you order, they don’t fill it up well like other fast-food burger joints on the list. However, you can get something close to a standard burger, which is the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.

4. Burger King

Burger King prides itself on being the best in burgers. When it comes to fast food burgers options, it’s not the best, but when you make your order, you at least have the feeling that your money didn’t go to waste. If Burger King is the only place close to your home, then it will serve as a fast-food burger joint.

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