Are you looking forward to migrating to Canada through the federal skilled worker program? Worry not, the Express entry invitations are now back on track after a four-month break. Due to COVID-19, the Federal government of Canada, just like many countries across the globe, restricted several operations. Migration was one sector that was hard hit. Therefore, if you were looking to migrate to Canada over the last four months, you can now breathe a sigh of relief.

The immigration and admission processes for your immigration programs have now opened up. For the period between March and the last couple of days, you could only apply for your permanent residency in Canada under the Canadian Experience Class(CEC) and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) via the Express Entry application system. You can now make an application for your immigration through the federal skilled worker program (FSWP).

Using the FSWP is one of the best out of the four programs, as many invitations are awarded compared to the rest. Did you know by the end of 2019, almost half of the migration admissions came from FSWP? The Express Entry end of year reported that out of 109,595 immigrants, FSWP accounted for 58,173-imagine that. Not only will the invitation favor you, but your spouse and children can accompany you to Canada.

When the Canadian immigration policy first rolled out the FSWP, only the whites, meaning Americans and Europeans, got admissions. However, to counter discrimination, different strategies were implemented in 1962. What does this mean for you? Despite your nationality, race, or color, you can gain admission to Canada. Other policies were enacted in 1967 to cater to a point system to rank potential immigrants into Canada-a first across the globe. If you have professional skills, higher education, end exemplary language skills, you gain higher chances for admission. Over that period, Anglophones and Francophones, and educated, got the top most priority for immigration to Canada.

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