Immigrants and Their Difficulties

Immigrants may have particular difficulties with their integration into the workforce. In conferring these accolades, the IRCC is acknowledging organizations that are making an extra effort to foster workplaces where new immigrants can prosper. However, in addition to the reports published during its existence, the Canadian government’s immigration department has shown a great deal of interest in the subject of immigration.

Hence, the Canadian government has drawn up, each year, a report on flows, and the Canadian government is frequently coordinating data from several administrations. The unemployment rate of immigrants can be explained by three main factors: legal inequalities, discrimination, and social inequalities. Thus, the following interpretation could be proposed: school is the moment of the real active break with the traditional material world.

The children of immigrants enter a world where a language laden with affective meaning is spoken. This world is also the place were, without transition or mediation, the immigrant child suddenly enters an area where the language is different, the constraints are present, and these constraints are sometimes rigid.


Therefore, the organizations that receive the IRCC award are taking steps to make sure that immigrants can integrate themselves into the Canadian way of life from a young age. These organizations go the extra mile to make sure that the immigrants that work for these companies are made to feel welcome following their immigration to Canada.

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