Canada plans to admit upwards of one million additional immigrants who will then live in Canada as permanent residents. This wave of immigration is something that Canada wants to encourage during the upcoming three-year period. As an illustration, the Canadian government’s Provincial Nominee Program is an economic immigration agreement that aims to ensure the free movement of immigrants who wish to come to live in Canada.

The Canadian Government

The Canadian government wishes to improve the main conditions for the introduction of foreign immigrants into Canada. In addition to the employment contracts, the documents concerning the company, and the civil status of the immigrant, a company hiring immigrants must demonstrate a few facts. Thus, immigrants must clarify a few details for the Canadian authorities.

For example, one of the facts that immigrants need to demonstrate is that their immigration does indeed meet the criteria required by law.

Canadian Companies

If a Canadian company wishes to hire a foreign national, then the employer that wants to hire them must make sure that the immigrant is qualified for the position offered. Also, the Canadian employer must offer him/her a salary that corresponds to his/her diploma and professional experience. Because of the previous economic issues that were affecting many countries and the fact that companies are promoting international professional experience, working in Canada is a foremost goal for many immigrants.

Canada Wishes to Make It Easier

Canada wishes to make it more straightforward for immigrants to find out about all the rights and procedures for foreign workers. Similarly, scientists and researchers are among those who are encouraged to apply for an immigration permit that will allow them to come and live in Canada. Canada will continue to ratchet up its current levels of immigration to uphold its high national standard of living.

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