Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) celebrate Canadian firms that continue to make outstanding contributions to integrating newcomers in the workforce. Thus, IRCC honors these Canadian organizations that are enacting meaningful processes that assist newcomers when they wish to integrate themselves into the Canadian labor force. The IRCC accolades have been presented each year since 2015.

Canada’s Immigration Minister

The Canadian government’s minister of immigration is Marco Mendicino. Mr. Mendicino stated that the winners for the year 2020 include a group of four organizations. These four organizations are KPMG, Glen Haven Manor, MUFG Fund Services Ltd., and White Hat Drycleaners.

These companies have proposed some ideas that help immigrants to integrate themselves into the Canadian nation as new arrivals according to some specific possibilities. Remember, the IRCC awards are given by those in charge of political and immigrant relations. The immigrants thank these organizations for helping them to realize their dream and for assisting these immigrants concerning their activities.

A Few Organizations Are Honored

The organizations honored by the IRCC understand that there is a need to be clear and transparent in the management of immigration flows. In Canada, the will to integrate immigrants seems to be strengthening, and the need to harmonize national policies is becoming more apparent at the federal level, to the point that some guidelines for an integration policy are being outlined. Some families thus engage in assimilation by bringing a daughter-in-law or son-in-law from the country of origin.

During its studies, the Canadian government has perceived an increase in the diversity of immigrants to Canada. The Canadian government also recognizes a variation, sometimes considerable, from one group to another, in terms of differences or professional, educational, or social success. The Canadian government thus organizes services, as well as various studies, that have nevertheless revealed that the situation of these immigrants is difficult, as they are often housed in deprived areas or are in precarious situations.

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