A study conducted by the Statistics of Canada’s Monthly Labour Force, in the month of November, the unemployment rate of the country reached a record low, which signifies a step towards the right direction.

The organization defined unemployment as the state of an individual who is legal age not having a job. In their research, they realized that the number dropped by 5.6% last month. They believe since the onset of comparable data in 1976, the country has never experienced such an improvement.

In the same month, they generated a report that showed the number of people who became employed increased by 0.5%. This signifies that Canada still needs more workforce to sustain its stable economy. In the month of November alone, the people who secured employment was close to 19 million.


The survey continued to expound that there was a rise in employment in six provinces, in the month of November. Amongst these provinces, Alberta and Quebec registered the highest number. Many believe that the arrangement between the federal government and Quebec to allow them to select their own immigrants for their labour market needs, lead to the aforementioned scenario.

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