The Occupation In-Demand system follows a certain procedure. First, it considers candidates who are eligible but fall outside express entry. Additionally, work experience usually counts.

How does EOI System Work?

Express of Interest system is an easy as well as a complicated system if you are not familiar with what you are doing. The first thing to do in EOI is creating a profile.

In this profile, you will have to provide education background, language proficiency—English and French, work experience, and some other factors may come into play to determine your eligibility. Using the province’s assessment grid, candidates are rated.

Notably, the highest-ranking candidates in the two sub-categories get an invitation to apply for provincial nomination via regular draws. In some instances, the candidates who meet the preset condition become too many so they have to look for ways to eliminate. Province connections play crucial role in the process. The connection can include a close family relative or people who have studied or worked in the province in the past.

If you are lucky to receive the invitation, you get only 60 days to have submitted all the required documents and the application.

A draw held on November 1, in the Saskatchewan Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry immigration sub-category, was a great success and led to new invitations of 926 candidates to apply for permanent residency.

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