Canada’s policies and processes for immigration have been in flux daily during the last week as the country struggles to curtail the dissemination of the coronavirus. For example, one of the significant propositions to come from the Canadian government has happened to result in limitations. These limitations apply to the types of voyages that individuals may take within the nation.

At the same time, the Canadian government is still permitting specific temporary and permanent residents to circumvent the limitations so that these individuals may enter Canada. However, you may wonder: What about the particular case of international students wishing to live in Canada? Well, the best way to find an answer to your questions, if you are in doubt, is to contact the Canadian government.

The Documents to Be Provided

The documents to be provided by an immigrant to the Canadian government differs according to their situation. If you are a student who is a foreign country national, you will have to apply for a temporary resident permit from the Canadian government. Foreigners holding the status of long-term resident must communicate with the Canadian government with regards to whether they can travel freely.

Applications for Work Permits

Applications for work permits which concern all persons from other countries or holders of a residence permit that is not equivalent to a work permit and who wish to become workers may need to contact the Canadian government. They should do this to get more info and to see if the coronavirus will increase the delay when approving their application. If an individual fully meets all of the criteria, then they should check if they have appropriately prepared their forms.

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