Canada is striving to do its absolute best to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the Canadian government is taking some steps which give the appropriate messages to international citizens all over the globe. But it also seeks to maintain a trade-off between restraining COVID-19 while still permitting world talent and foreign citizens to come into the Canadian nation.

International Scholars

The move to enable some international scholars to continue their education electronically is a step in the right direction. Hence, these scholars continue to be qualified for a work permit after graduation, and this action has proven to be a significant step forward. As a result, one can truly see that the Canadian government is striving to make all the appropriate steps to accommodate migrants.

On the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada introduced many special migration initiatives to address the issue of the coronavirus outbreak. At this time, the Canadian government is saying to the entire planet that while you may not be a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status, we will stand by you to give you as much assistance as we possibly can. Therefore, the Canadian administration is taking some crucial steps in this critical period.

Conflicting Agendas

The Canadian government is also dealing with conflicting agendas. Thus, this crisis forces the Canadian nation to deflect their focus from their everyday responsibilities concerning migration. The Canadian administration is also aware of the fact the Canadian nation benefits from a variety of benefits from immigrants.

At the same time, the Canadian administration is aware of the necessity to support immigrants even though this economic challenge makes life difficult. Thus, there is compelling evidence that demonstrates that the Canadian nation benefits from allowing immigrants to come and live in Canada. Moreover, irrespective of their immigrant background, individuals in Canadian society can be entitled to critical public assistance.

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