It will come as a bit of a surprise to most of the readers, that the Canada has its version of the United States of America’s “Green Card.” It is known as The Canadian Permanent Resident Card. It permits the users of this card to work, reside and move freely in any part of the Canada like a citizen/permanent resident of the country. It does not have a set time limit, which means it depends on how long you want to stick with it. It was announced in Canada on 28th June of the year 2002 after the introduction of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

The Green Card is a legally binding document provided to a person who applies for a permanent residency. The term Green Card became highly prominent when it was introduced by the United States of America. It allows the Green Card holder to visit, work and reside like a permanent resident of U.S.A. Hence, both the Green Card and the Canadian Permanent Resident Card allows the holder to work and reside in the respective countries.

Let’s familiarize with some pros of Permanent Residency

To start with the advantages permanent residency has to offer first, comes on the list is the ability to maneuver anywhere in the whole of Canada. You can work and live in any city of any province in the turf of Canada. You can also move around the country in search for better employment opportunities.

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