By following the EMPP route, the refugees who meet the requirements and their details captured by the UNHCR are channeled to nominee plans in Yukon, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Ontario. Here, they are considered for provincial nominee program for permanent residency.

The provincial nominee plans permit provinces and territories in Canada to participate. These may be interested in taking part in the nomination of immigrants for Permanent residency and may meet various demand of the labor market. The EMPP program lets the IRCC keep all records and scrutinize the bottlenecks faced by skilled refugees in their immigration process in the existing economic programs.

Currently, there are a few candidates who have migrated to Canada via the EMPP and notably, Hussein would like to see some change in this trend. Mr. Hussen’s spokesperson Mathieu Genest, read an email stating that the pilot program was in its initial stages and had a positive outlook. He further noted that IRCC has been having a closer look at the program and will be reviewing it before changing anything.

Probed further Genest alleged that currently the immigrations pilot numbers are limited to 2750 every year. Genest confirmed that diverting refugees towards the economic-class plans will eliminate the widespread belief that they are a burden to the system.

He continued to say that refugees who arrive in Canada have skills and experience. It is therefore essential to ensure those talents are utilized since this can result in economic growth.

According to data released by the global body UNHCR, in 2018, Canada broke the record as the country that took in more refugees. A total of 28,100 out of the 94,400 refugees in the world were settled in Canada according to UNHCR yearly global trends news.

However, this number is quite small since approximately 1.4 million worldwide needed to be resettled in 2018. Eighteen thousand refugees acquired Canadian residency status in 2018, which was a big jump from the previous year’s 10000.

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