Canada has once more been hit by the highest number of job vacancy rate with the worst province being Quebec at 4.1%. For the first time in over 40 years, unemployment has significantly dropped; thanks to the job creation efforts by different companies in Canada. In recent years, Canada has witnessed a massive growth in various sectors. Its ability to create jobs for the citizens and immigrants has made a favorite destination for skilled and semi-skilled workers. Most companies offer better wages for their employees, although labor shortages reduce the productivity of specific industries such as construction, personal, agriculture, and hospitality.

According to the Canada Federation of Independent Business, there are currently 435,000 vacant job opportunities in Canada. More than 106,500 jobs were created in April alone, which increased by 27,700 in May. These job creation efforts are responsible for the robust economic growth that Canada has witnessed recently. The steady growth can also be attributed to sober political leadership in the country. The Canadian government has created a favorable environment for the growth of any business. Political goodwill is a major contributing factor in the economic growth of any country that is performing well in the global market.

Job Vacancy Rate per Province

Quebec has been the worst hit province in terms of the available job opportunities. It stands at 4.1%, followed by British Columbia at 3.6%. Ontario province is the lowest at 3.3%. All these provinces are at the verge of recruiting new skilled and semi-skilled personnel. The construction industry has the highest number of available job opportunities. More people are needed to fill the job vacancies in this sector. Personal services industry follows closely at 4.7%. Both industries have a high number of job opportunities for skilled labor. Semi-Skilled labor has significantly been absorbed in the agriculture and hospitality industry.

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