There are plenty of reasons why people would want to move to Canada. Among the main reasons is that Canada provides better opportunities not only for career development but for general employment and personal growth. It also offers an excellent chance for social interaction. As such, the government has decided to provide better immigration opportunities to foreigners.

The Federal Government Cares For Its People.

The federal government recently announced that Canada’s new pilot program for caregiver immigration had opened its applications. The department of Home Child Care Provider as well as Home Support Worker departments provides a direct pathway to permanent residency, thereby allowing foreigners to bring their families to Canada. Immigration also added that Refugees, in addition to Citizenship Canada is expanding its application pathway from approximately 2,750 principal applicants to 5,500 applicants annually. This includes their families.

Background Check

The interim pathway for caregivers in Canada refers to a limited time pathway often extended to permanent residence, especially for temporary foreign workers who offer caregiving services. The permit covers their families too. Recently, the state announced that it had opened a 3-months window for applications for individuals who have the following qualifications:

  • Excellent language skills in French and English
  • 12 months experience in a relevant occupation in Canada
  • A high school diploma from Canada or a degree, certificate, and any additional credentials
  • Applications will close in 2019
  • All caregivers who shall have applied before the date will go on to have their applications processed before a final decision is made
  • Caregivers who’ve been working toward various applications based on the expired pilots can apply via the Home Child Care Giver Pilot. Home Support Worker Pilot is also relevant
  • The program is relevant and viable for caregivers who arrived in Canada at a time when only temporary foreign work permits were granted
  • New pilots arriving into the scene have high chances of getting a working opportunity

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