Who Can Take Up The Program?

Those who are not sure about taking up the program should learn more about it before applying for any relevant course to determine which course they should settle for. Other than that, candidates who are legible for the application must have a current occupation work permit, especially if they have a job in offer and have met the required standard for various economic immigration programs. Immediately they have garnered about two years of experience, the residency program is guaranteed.

Disintegrating the Response

Some people are still wondering if the new work permit and program is viable. Well, since its introduction into the country in June 2017, about 40,000 individuals have successfully relocated to Canada under reliable agencies. They have answered Canada’s call for a rising economic need for skilled employees. Of the newcomers, about 20,000 are highly skilled in various occupations, including computer programming, software engineering, in addition to information systems analysis.

The new program is an immigration support system that allows employers in Canada to efficiently expedite the process of hiring workers in order to fill in specialized occupations especially when the people of Canada are not available for specific tasks and roles that need professional input.

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