Canada’s government-funded settlement services have so far been proven to help the majority of newcomers they serve, yet many do not know how to access them.

For starters, any individual who wants a chance at landing on Canadian soil with their feet in two worlds can start by contacting Immigration and Refugees Canada (IRCC) before arrival or through an agency such as MIFI once arriving here – that’s Quebec bound only. They offer assistance from even just after your plane touches down until well past departure day if needed; all this without charging you anything extra for being part of “this program” which has helped out countless people already

IRCC’s first-ever Settlement Outcomes Report shows that newcomers are finding success in Canada through their settlement services. This is shown by the fact that almost all those surveyed said they were useful, and a majority at least somewhat agreed these programs helped them on their journey to settle here permanently

The report also found many clients received help with accessing housing or employment opportunities as well as navigating Canadian culture after coming from abroad

You might think that because you’ve already landed in Canada, your rights are protected and all the help needed will be made available to you. Unfortunately this isn’t always true – about 70% of people surveyed who did not receive settlement services said they had no idea what was happening or how it worked while another quarter reported being unable even if given information on where/when appointments were held.

The majority of newcomers to Canada are able to access social assistance within one year. However, for those who reported no difficulty accessing services there was a much higher success rate with federally funded referral agencies at 23%.

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