If you’re looking for a job, Canada’s the place to be. Not only does it have one of the best economies in the world, but there are tons of jobs available.

As restaurants started reopening in June, the number of vacant positions for accommodation and food services jobs shot up to 129 100. This was more than even health care or social assistance had during that month before! Canada’s retail trade sector came third place among all industries with its high amount as well—despite only having 112 000 open job spots when compared against other industries’ rates at around 800 per day although these numbers may seem small, they add up over time.

In June, Canada saw an increase in job vacancies for food services. There were 815 800 total openings, with a majority being service industry positions – just what you would expect due to the nature of this particular industry.

June was a record-breaker in terms of job vacancy rates. Canada’s overall 5% rate is already higher than most other countries. Since October 2020, Statistics Canada started tracking data on this statistic; it has only been increasing, meaning we can expect June’s rate to be even greater than those previous stats show us.

Restaurants can open up their outdoor seating during this time because it’s a hot summer day, and people want an escape from their air-conditioned homes. Many employers have higher job vacancy rates in accommodation services with over 12% vacancies on the rise as hotels start hiring more staff members due to their visitors visiting for dinner or lunch alongside other vital industries like retail that have seen some positive activity recently too.

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