The year 2016 was the timeframe of the previous census. At this time, the immigrant population of Canada accounted for a sizeable percentage of Canada’s overall population. Thus, this percentage equaled 21.9%.

Also, the immigrant population of Canada is more concerned about some specific possible consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following are some of the particular vulnerabilities and challenges that migrants and refugees are worried about facing. These concerns relate to responding to and preparing for the coronavirus pandemic.

Immigrants in Canada Are More Likely to Feel Concerned About Some Issues

For example, the immigrant population of Canada is more likely to feel worried about combating issues related to the loss of social ties and social support against problems. Also, Canada’s immigrant population is about twice as concerned when compared to other Canadians about the issues that may arise when combating domestic violence and violence within the home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, these individuals are worried about explicitly addressing these challenges related to the COVID-19 crisis.

In Canada, the immigrant population is just as concerned about the possibility of COVID-19 pandemic causing limited health services. Hence, both groups are equally worried about the fact that the COVID-19 epidemic may make it more difficult for Canadians to receive the healthcare they require. Refugees and migrants, especially those who are concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, face specific challenges and vulnerabilities that need to be taken into consideration when preparing for and responding to the coronavirus.

The Immigrant Population of Canada Is Equally as Concerned on Other Issues

However, the immigrant population of Canada is equally as concerned as other Canadians about the risk of devastating outbreaks of COVID-19 impacting health services. So, there are some issues about which both groups feel the same level of concern. On the other hand, there are also still some issues about which the immigrant population of Canada feels a higher level of anxiety than other Canadians.

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