Bigger Paychecks Are a Welcome Sight

Are you seeing more money in your paycheck? You’re not alone. Workers across the country are enjoying more money in their bank accounts as a result of an increase in the average weekly earnings of employees in the industrial sector. This sector has been trending up nationally since April 2019.

This is based on a comparison of September 2019 weekly earnings with those from September 2018. The pay hikes are impacting workers in nine of the top ten largest industrial sectors.

The industrial sectors involved in the pay increases touch Canadians in a variety of ways. The retail trade includes car dealers, auto parts dealers and food and beverage stores. Professional, scientific and technical services includes computer system design and services related to computer technology.

Construction was up as a result of new buildings being built while manufacturing wages went up due to transportation equipment and food manufacturing. Accommodation and food services delivered the highest pay increase by percentage, 6.2%. Because of the national scope of these sectors, the majority of provinces reported increases in weekly wages.

The only industry sector not reporting increased wages is wholesale trade. There, earnings were basically flat for the 12 month period.

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