Like most countries globally, Canada closed up its borders leading to restriction in movement due to the global pandemic. Recently, the government published the reopening of its borders beginning October 8th. Both extended families of immediate Canadian residents and those traveling for compassionate reasons can now enter Canada. These are among the first steps taken by the government in easing travel restrictions.

Extended Families Allowed into The Country

  • Couples in an exclusive dating relationship with either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for over a year and have spent time together physically during the relationship, including dependent children.
  • Children of Canadians over the age of 22 years and considered independent children.
  • Grandchildren
  • Grandparents
  • Other siblings, including half and step-siblings.

People planning to stay in Canada for more than 15 days and meet eligibility and admissibility obligations don’t have to provide a valid reason for the travel. Besides, they get relieved from health measures imposed, especially when providing specific compassionate grounds. However, they should meet the following conditions;

  • Provide legal documentation, primarily a finalized and verified statutory declaration, to ensure they meet the extended family member for a Canadian to the IRCC.
  • Should travel with a valid passport and other essential documents, including visitors visa and electronic travel authorization.
  • Provide written authorization from the IRCC that allows them to travel into Canada as an extended family member.

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