Statement from the IRCC

According to the statement released by the IRCC, extended family members traveling to Canada should undergo mandatory public health precautions. This includes a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival into the country. Border services officers are thus required to provide the final verdict for extended family members to enter Canada.

More information regarding the precise definition of extended family, processes involved, and requirements to enter Canada were availed on October 8th by IRCC. Extended family members should ensure they meet all the requirements before planning to travel into Canada. Besides, they should meet all required authorizations under the new laws before traveling.

Compassionate Reasons to Travel to Canada

Foreigner nationals exempted from travel restrictions can enter Canada provided they have valid compassionate reasons. Some of these reasons include attending the burial of a loved, offering support for seriously ill individuals, and providing medical care to sick people. It also includes being present at an end-of-life ceremony of a loved one.

Notably, mandatory quarantine measures apply for people entering Canada, including Canadians returning from abroad. However, some people traveling into the country are likely to get limited time in isolation based on particular compassionate reasons. Depending on compassionate purposes, the isolation period henceforth varies based on the IRCC.

More details about applying for an exemption and entering Canada through compassionate reasons were made available on October 8th on the Public Health Agency of Canada website. This also involves determining the amount of time to spend in quarantine after entering Canada. Specific territories and provinces may have additional requirements and restrictions for foreign nationals traveling to Canada with compassionate reasons.

The Way Forward

Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Marco Mendicino, released a media statement stating that the announcement comes as a relief for Canadian families separated from their loved ones due to the closure of borders. He added that most of these people are undergoing difficulties, hence allowing them to enter Canada is an excellent step.

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