It’s getting easier to find a job in Canada.

That’s according to the latest findings from Statistics Canada. The agency reports that while the unemployment rate in March was 7.0 percent, springtime has brought more than sun and flowers by gifting Canadians with a 6.9 percent unemployment rate in April.

This also means that 43,000 new jobs opened up to Canadians searching for employment, although most of these jobs are considered part-time. However, the unemployment rate is decreasing at a noticeable rate that is causing  economists to force themselves to smile again and even anticipate next month’s percentages.

Although the number of new jobs created was a pleasant surprise to government officials as well as unemployed Canadians, the bigger and better surprise was the fact that most new jobs went to younger Canadians–those between 15 and 24 years old–a demographic that has been sorely left behind in the job market during the recession and recovery.


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