In March 2018, the vacancies grew to 551,000; an increase of 83,000 the same time of the years of 2017 in Canada with Quebec having an increase of 31,000 job offers. Quebec had the most significant percentage of 35.5 vacancies than other provinces in Canada affecting employers while the federal government pushes forward the reduction of the number of immigrants entering the country.

CAQ’s Immigration Levels Plan

CAQ made a significant reduction in the immigration levels in all categories from economic, family and refugee classes in Quebec between 2018 and 2019. The increase in labor demand in all fields ranges from healthcare; manufacturing companies and accommodation, made officials seek external candidates from Paris, France as a strategy to bring employment to Quebec. The officials recruited different French citizens to relocate to the province for jobs.

The Union of Quebec Municipalities also involved in an international employment event with a goal of motivating skilled immigrants to join the labor force of Quebec. With the slogan to recruit more candidates, the Union offered over 100,000 vacancies presented across all categories to curb the shortage of employees in the province. Officials from both UMQ believe that recruiting skilled immigrants is an essential strategy to provide a solution for labor shortage in Quebec.

Quebec, however, prefers more French skilled workers because of the nature of the country with a good infrastructure, working environments and stable government. Interested candidates are, therefore, offered an opportunity to understand whether they qualify to apply for a job in Quebec, Canada through platform, which evaluates their ability and provide answers within two days. Also, employers are provided a category where they can contact the organization for feedbacks regarding employment and learning more concerning the services offered by the immigration department.

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