• Choose your setting

If it’s a video call make sure you are sitting in a clean location. No one wants to watch hanging laundry or dirty plates, you get the point right? Choose a table and chair, make sure the lighting is good and there are no distractions or disturbances. If you have kids or even other family members around ask them to keep out. Even for an audio call make sure you are in a good network area and away from unwanted sound and disturbances.

  • Be Punctual

Your employer will give you a time; make sure you adhere to it. Don’t keep them waiting or hanging and make sure your phone is free. Be polite and professional in answering. Remember, everything makes an impression.

To sum it all up, do everything that makes your employer believe in your capabilities and also see your professionalism. Be confident and professional all through the interview and be clear and audible at all times.

Best of luck!


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