A Canadian Member of Parliament has raised concerns about foreign nationals’ plight when entering the country. He is now calling the federal government to address the matter because they are immigrants with a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPRs).

Christine Normandin, an outspoken MP who’s also a staunch critic of the Bloc Québécois, wrote a letter to the Canadian Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino: “I hereby express my concern about the challenging circumstances that foreign workers with approved permanent residence are facing as they try to get into Canada. The government must look into the matter to ensure that they are exempted from travel restrictions and any future occurrence of a similar situation.”

Bloc Québécois is one of the popular federal parties with the privilege of nominating its officials to the parliament. Every party is entitled to nominate members who become critics and oppose government policies they deem oppressive.

A Bad Situation for Approved COPR Candidates

According to a recent report by CIC News, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has gone back on its promise to foreign workers who have been confirmed to stay in Canada permanently. As a result, many are left in limbo, not knowing what their future in Canada holds. The report also suggested that economic class workers were the most affected. These individuals have passed the challenging process of acquiring their deserved permanent residence; they already hold COPR certificates. Some of the critical aspects of the approval process include passing a medical test and clearance with the security and safety immigration departments. In a normal situation, these people would have easy access to the country. Most would even be permanent residents.

Things have changed since the encroachment of the coronavirus into Canada. The federal government imposed strict travel restrictions that bar any foreign worker who obtained a COPR after the national lockdown on March 18 from entering the country. Only US residents and those exempted in special circumstances can enter Canada.

According to Normandin, the situation is unjustified. It can’t be allowed to continue: “There must be a hidden reason for that, because you can’t argue that they are not getting into the country because of health matters. In fact, people with COPR have always expressed their willingness to adhere to health and quarantine policies after arrive in Canada.”

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