The Imbalance

Meanwhile, permanent residence with COPR undergoing family reunification and sponsorship programs are the only lot allowed to enter the country, yet, skilled workers continue to live in limbo back in their countries of origin. It’s a serious issue that brings an imbalance to the countries immigration department.

The unfortunate aspect of that is that: “As the government continues to implement the travel restrictions, it hurts COPR candidates’ chances of re-entering the country. Their certifications might expire, not to mention they’ll have to undergo the entire process again. It will dent them financially as medical examinations and criminal clearances usually usurp cash,” wrote Normandin.

In its response to the matter, the IRCC reiterated that the affected individuals with approved COPR would eventually gain entry into Canada. Nonetheless, they must wait until the government lifts the travel regulations. Furthermore, the immigration department said they wouldn’t have to undergo the whole process once the borders open.

In the letter, Normandin said, “…the situation makes the department exposed to external attacks. So long as the boarders remain closed, it will cause a huge problem in the future because the existing thresholds won’t be enough to speed the process and the backlog of unprocessed files. Another concern is that the situation will burden immigration officials. Once the boarders open, most immigrants will have to undergo repeat security and medical checks.”

The Possible Solution

To address the issues, the MP suggests that the government allows all foreign workers with approved COPRs issued before March 18, 2020, to be allowed entry into the country. Their COPRs’ validity should also be extended by 12 months from the date of expiry.

“The COPR candidates who we are advocating for are skilled workers and foreign investors whose contributions bolster the country’s efforts to economic recovery. The not only create jobs but they increase the local economies in which they operate. We are saddened about the matter and we believe the situation ruins our countries reputation among potential immigrants,” Normandin said.

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