Canada is on track to welcome over 400 thousand professional foreign immigrants to it’s workforce. Many foreign skilled workers are set to gain professional residency to the country via it’s Express Entry System in 2021.

The Canadian Express Entry System

The Canadian Express Entry system is designed to help professionally skilled immigrants who meet the specific criteria to expedite their Canadian citizenship requests. Tech workers are in high demand in Canada and worldwide. This makes the Express Entry system an ideal route to Canadian Citizenship for those who qualify. The Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is one of the agencies that is facilitating the push for more Canadian skilled workers.

For example, the IRCC recently held a historical Express Entry dewa that sent invitations to over 25 thousand qualified applicants. The applicants invited needed a minimum CSR of 75 and be eligible for the Canadian Experience Class (CES).

The IRCC has also conducted draws that target candidates who received nominations from a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). As of February 2021, the number of ITA’s issues was more than triple the number of nominations at the same time last year. The Express Entry program has set a goal to welcome over 100 thousand foreign professionals in 2021.

How the Coronavirus is Impacting Express Entry

Currently, travel restrictions are effecting the smooth transition of the new initiative. The Minister of Immigration is making provisions that make it easier for temporary professional residents in Canada to make a smooth transition to permanent residency. For this reason, now is a great time for qualified applicants to start the Express Entry process.

People who are completing the Express Entry process from within the country may currently have an advantage of immigrants who are outside of the country. With the application process at a slow crawl and sometimes a standstill, applicants who are already in Canada may have a better chance of being selected than applicants who are currently prohibited from traveling to the country by coronavirus travel restrictions.

Express Entry Applicants In Canada

Once you’ve submitted your profile and you’re waiting for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) there are several important steps to take. Improve your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score by submitting new language test results or other relevant educational credentials that can boost your application.

Take advantage of all available training and sponsorship options that would normally be unavailable due to an influx of applicants outside of the country. Follow up and keep track of application dates, status, requirements, important deadlines, and supplemental materials in order to improve your odds of being accepted into the Express Entry program. Applicants who are located in Canada currently have an advantage over applicants applying from abroad who are limited by coronavirus travel restrictions.

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