Canada began its recovery from the worldwide pandemic in the last month.

This fast and speedy recovery can be attributed to the fact that Canada has seen Covid cases drop to a record low, which brought the labour force back to the pre-pandemic level of normal. In fact, the Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey recently yielded statistics which showed that there was significant improvement during the week of July 11-17 of this year.

What could be the case here? The Canadian government recently reported that there were more people willing to take the vaccine, and that the increase of those choosing to be vaccinated is what led to the sudden drop in civil cases across the country. It seems as though collective immunity has taken place, and for Canada, that means that better times are coming.

And with 94,000 new jobs being added, who could even try to argue? Unemployment was down by a good factor of 7.5 percent, which leaves more jobs for everyone. People were finally able to become gainfully employed as more full-time work became available.

The provinces that gained the most from going forward were Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Employment soared to an all-time high in those places as more people began to apply for jobs.

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