Coronavirus has affected many aspects of daily life. The pandemic has changed the economy and disrupted business operations in Canada. A study of the Canadian government reveals that some jobs have increased in demand due to the pandemic.

Manitoba’s public health measures affected many of our jobs negatively. People working in the tourism and hospitality sectors grieved losing their jobs because corona caused the shutdown of hotels. On the flip side, other sectors grew, creating a demand for employees.

Here are seven jobs that were fortunate to increase in demand. The jobs are in no doubt listed with their correct Occupational Classification (NOC) code

Cleaning Director or Supervisor (NOC 6315)

You probably have ever stepped in a hospital, hotel, school or a corporate company and saw people in uniform cleaning the area. The cleaners seem well-coordinated, and this makes us wonder why. It is worth mentioning that the team of cleaners has a boss. The cleaning boss is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the work of specialized cleaners. The position of a cleaning supervisor is not minor. Not only have the cleaners reported to the supervisor, but also the janitors and superintendents

There has been a 68 per cent increase in demand for cleaning supervisors between April 2019 and April 2020. The dramatic increase in demand is no surprise as the pandemic made everyone rethink thorough and hygienic cleaning.

Courier Service Drivers and Delivery Personnel (NOC 7514)

If you have ever bought an item online, you have had the chance to be served by delivery personnel. These professional drivers drive light trucks, cars and vans to pick and deliver items to your preferred pickup point. Newspaper distributors, Drug stores, restaurants and dry cleaners often rely on the service of the courier drivers. The majority of the delivery personnel are, however, self-employed.

Employment levels for these groups trended higher in 2020. The increase in demand was because of the significant growth in retail e-commerce.

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