What are the benefits of applying for Canadian citizenship? This is a question that lingers to most people. However, the ultimate goal of almost all permanent residents is to become a Canadian citizen. In this article, we will try to answer this question.

1. Active Participation in the Country’s Politics.

Do you want to vote or run for any political office in Canada? The only way you can achieve either of this is through becoming a citizen of Canada. Then, and only then, you can have a say and active role on the political life of the country. As a Canadian citizen, you can participate in the nation’s political at any level—from the grassroots to the federal level.

2. Enjoying Benefits of Dual citizenship with Your Home Country

Aside from enjoying the right to vote or run for a provincial, federal, or even territorial elections, to become a Canadian citizen does not necessarily (depending on your home country) mean you have to renounce your previous citizenship. Canadian constitution has a provision for dual citizenship. You can become a Canadian citizen while still retaining your citizenry status in your home country.

3. Right to Do High-Level Jobs in The Federal Government

Some jobs in the federal government require high-level security and can only be done by citizens. After acquiring Canadian citizenship, you become eligible for such a post and, therefore, a chance to fully participate in building the country. Just like most countries, government jobs in Canada are among the most stable jobs. Also, federal government jobs are among the most paying jobs not to mention the pension and among other benefits that comes with government jobs— an excellent motivator to join Canada’s public service.

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