This article will explore the factors which presently contribute to Canada being the world’s third most popular international study destination. First and foremost, a burgeoning middle-class global community is driving Canada’s expansion. Thus, more international learners are now pursuing post-secondary studies in Canada.

Student Immigration

Furthermore, in certain instances, some students decide to pursue the opportunity to immigrate to Canada permanently. Many international students from nations like India and China intend to come and study in Canada. These are a few of the countries that are full of students who wish to pursue further studies.

Furthermore, many of these students aspire to study in Canada. On the other hand, they may have already completed some studies in Canada, and they may also wish to get another degree from a Canadian school. Additionally, there are many good reasons why these students choose Canadian schools.

The use of international programs has never been so widespread across the planet, and Canada is attracting more and more students. Non-Canadian students today pay some standard tuition fees, which are higher than those paid by native students. This differentiated strategy foresees that these international students will pay higher tuition fees of the order of an amount equal to the real cost of the education.

At the same time, even with these higher fees, the costs for these international students will be lower than they would be in nations like the United States and the United Kingdom. This fact remains valid because the Canadian dollar is rather weak when compared to the American dollar and the British pound. Employability is also one of Canada’s strong points, according to international students surveyed on campuses across the nation.

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