The lucky candidates were announced during the second Expression of Interest draw which was held in December. The candidates will now join Manitoba’s three streams which include, Skilled Workers Overseas, International Education and Skilled Workers in Manitoba.

The above stated streams fall under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). The goal of this program is to provide permanent residencies for economic immigration candidates. The intake involves bringing in a set number of candidates every year. The Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs), which numbered 351, were sent out through the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream.

The Skilled Workers in Manitoba candidates received 106 LAAs while the Manitoba’s International Education Stream received 35 LAAs. Candidates with low scores also managed to secure residency. The lowest score amongst the Skilled Workers was 502 while that for overseas candidates was 576.

The conclusion of the second draw brings the total number of invitations sent out in December to 1,022.

Express Entry Candidates

The second draw was also served as the second occasion to invite an unspecified number of express entry candidates. Such candidates belong to the Skilled Workers Overseas stream. The Express Entry Program is responsible for the management of the candidate pool for three immigration programs in Canada.

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